Feeding Trough Mod. 619 KS
Article ID: 200.619 KS
Short description
  • for sheep, foals and calves
  • made of plastic, up to 3 feed packages
Hay Rack Mod. 617 KS
Article ID: 200.617 KS
Short description
  • for sheep, foals, calves and alpacas
  • made of plastic, 6 feed openings
Carcass Cover
Article ID: 120.003
Short description
  • polyethylene carcass cover
  • prevents contact with pets, birds, rodents etc.
Diaphragm Pasture Pump L4
Article ID: 280.400
Short description
  • for horses, foals and calves
  • cast iron pasture pump
  • runs easier than the L3 pasture pump
Feeder Mod. 623 KS and 627 KS
Article ID: 200.62x KS
Short description
  • for sheep, foals, horses and calves
  • plastic feeder, easily hooks into any lattice
Feeder Mod. 612 KS
Article ID: 200.612 KS
Short description
  • for foals
  • plastic feeder
  • with mud plug