Calf milk processing

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Milk Cart Article ID 106.011
Short description
  • for  transport of milk
  • fast and efficient feeding of up to 80 calves
Calf Feeding Bucket 640 Article ID 299.640-K
Short description
  • for 6 calves at same time
  • separate cells allow consistent milk consumed
Hygienic Valve Article ID 200.642
Short description
  • Hygienic Valve for the Calf Feeding Bucket
Calf Feeding Bucket Article ID 200.641
Short description
  • plastic feeding bucket with hygienic valve
  • with metal strap
FastHeat Digital Article ID 105.007
Short description
  • milk for calves is warmed up
  • voltage 230 V, output 1700 W, protection class IP X7
HAASE Reheating Bath Cover Article ID 112.004
Short description
  • cover for reheating baths
HAASE Bucket Insert Article ID 112.001
Short description
  • bucket insert for reheating baths
FixClip Teat Article ID 200.704
Short description
  • natural sucking reflex
  • increased production of saliva improves digestion
FixClip Teat Article ID 200.703
Short description
  • Super Teat for FixClip Valve
  • reliable standard teat
FixClip with Valve Article ID 200.645
Short description
  • with patented snap buckle
  • quick and easy installation
Easy Heat Article ID 105.009
Short description
  • continuous adjustable thermostat
  • stable
HAASE Reheating Bath Article ID Sonderanfertigung
Short description
  • small reheating bath with grid for two buckets
HAASE Reheating Bath Type 113 Article ID 100.113
Short description
  • stainless steel bath used to warm up milk
  • for connection to a circular line
HAASE Reheating Bath Type 112 Article ID 100.112
Short description
  • stainless steel bath
  • used to warm up milk